What’s in a name?

My last name is Wiatros (Vee-ah-tros). Wiatr is the Polish word for wind. Anytime I hear or say my name, I hear “windy rose” in my head… and chuckle a bit internally. (It’s also a lot easier to pronounce!)

But more than that, there’s something to be said for the imagery of wind blowing through a rose. A rose is classic, strong, and resilient. The wind is nimble, graceful, and often, a powerful force that can prompt change.

It’s an apt metaphor for my approach to content marketing and public relations.

The need to connect with your audience is timeless. The essence of your brand and what you stand for should be firm and authentic. But how you tell your story, and how you meet your audience’s needs, should be fluid.

Windy Rose Content & PR helps you harness the powerful force of communications to achieve your marketing and business goals.

Karina Waitros, Content Marketing Strategist

Hello, I’m Karina Wiatros, lead strategist of Windy Rose Content & PR. I’m ready to be your go-to content marketing strategist.

I’m a content marketer rooted in public relations, with a Master’s in Business Communication and a decade of experience in marketing, communications, social media strategy, and relationship-building. I’ve served organizations in B2B, B2C, and non-profit, in industries ranging from med tech, to organization development, to education, to fitness. I have a passion for taking complex information and breaking it down into a conversational story so that it’s digestible and truly helpful to the intended audience. I also have a superhuman eye for grammar!

Windy Rose Content & PR is dedicated to authentic connection through empathy. We’ll work with your brand to develop media relations, social media, and content marketing strategies that connect you with your audience to drive business results. We’ll dig deep into who your audience is, who you are, and how to make the strongest connection between the two, whether that’s through your own content, engaging via social media, or helping traditional media share your story.

As an action-oriented strategic consultancy, Windy Rose Content & PR is ready to both plan and execute, doing the necessary legwork to ensure your marketing not only connects with the right people, but also contributes to your business objectives and delivers results – all while staying true to your core values. We’ll give you more than a strategy deck; we’ll build a partnership with you based in strategic planning, creative, authentic solutions, and action.

Looking for a little less at the moment? We’re also available on a project basis for copywriting, copyediting/proofreading, social media support, and media pitching.

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